BeHive, developed in Armenia, hits Gartner Cool Vendors List

BeHive is an app that combines high-fidelity push-to-talk, dynamic task integration, team messaging, and panic button support, all in one lightweight platform.

Armen Martirosyan is the Co-Founder & CEO at BluIP. BeHive, a solution fully developed in Armenia by BluIP, was included in the Gartner Cool Vendors list 2019 for Employee Experience and Enablement in the Digital Workplace. This is the story of how it all started. Armen got acquainted with Armenian talent when he first attended the HIVE conference in 2016. What he learned during those two days was eye-opening for him; the amount of passion and desire to create something great and innovative was impressive. That experience had him fly over to Yerevan in June 2016 and after 30 years of being away, build a new team in Armenia. Armen started exploring local companies by meeting and connecting with great individuals. After his 3rd visit, he selected five talented young professionals that became the core team of BlueNet, Join Venture of BluIP and Globanet. Fast forward.  Today, they have a full-time staff of about 45 engineers, from mobile application developers to .NET specialists, and other technology experts. The team created a solution called BeHive, a mobile app for people that don’t sit in front of a PC for their work, yet are still required to be part of the enterprise and participate in real-time communication. The app combines high-fidelity push-to-talk, dynamic task integration, team messaging, and panic button support – all in one lightweight platform. Industries that need this kind of solution include hotels, hospitals, education, large enterprise and many more.
“I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have been able to work with such talented and dedicated team in Armenia and that their 2 years of hard work, enabled BluIP to be selected as Cool Vendor. Thank you to HIVE for doing what you do for Armenia and Armenian youth. Without HIVE event in 2016, this achievement for Armenia would not have been possible, just some of the very positive side effects of your work.” -says, Armen Martirosyan.

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