We wanted to put YC on your radar for the upcoming Winter 19 Cohort timeline so that you have ample time to prepare your company for the application.

Getting into Y Combinator can be the make or break moment for many companies. Companies that have great ideas, but lack the execution know-how or a strong Bay-Area network can really benefit from joining YC. After making it through one of YC’s cohorts, companies should have a strong network of founders, investors, & talent as well as some key learnings & proven concepts for their business models. Specifically, YC can be great for Armenian founders with an eye to solve major problems; companies would relocate to San Francisco for 3 months and work hand in hand with YC to grow their company in a scalable way.

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YC’s value can be summarized into a few buckets:

  1. Fundraising & Recruiting – Joining YC will open up many doors from a fundraising and recruitment standpoint. Investors will listen to your demo day pitch at the end of your 3 months; Talent will flock to a successful & scalable company backed by YC.
  2. Prioritization – As a founder (& team) you will learn how to prioritize company initiatives and work towards those initiatives in an effective way. One week may be product-focused, while the next calls for wearing your marketing/sales hat.
  3. Networking with Fellow Founders – You will be exposed to 200+ smart, driven, & accessible people who are in the same boat as you!

Cohorts & Deadlines

We wanted to put YC on your radar for the upcoming Winter 19 Cohort timeline so that you have ample time to prepare your company for the application.

Typically, the application is due 2-3 months before the start of the cohort and, by default, about 3-4 days after the last cohort’s Demo Day. For W19, you can expect the application deadline to be some time at the end of August or September. For exact dates, check YC’s application page routinely.


YC looks for a few things when vetting a potential cohort company. We’ve summarized the list below, but we recommend following the “Additional Reading” button below for a more in-depth understanding of how to get accepted into YC.

  • A Strong Team – YC typically does not back 1 founder, but instead looks for a well-rounded team  that brings a variety of skills to the table.
  • Work on a Real Problem – Ask yourself: is the problem I am solving a real problem that inhibits many people all over the world? Is there a major market here and if so, how can I be the one to exploit that.
  • Traction, Traction, Traction – If you have growth, metrics, etc., show them off! Past progress is a big indicator of future success and it could be the differentiating factor to getting accepted
  • Articulate – Be able to articulate your company’s mission clearly, concisely, and accurately. There are thousands of applications being review by a handful of people for <200 spots. Your idea must be conveyed well and resonate with the reviewer.

YC/HIVE Affiliated Companies

HIVE has a history of investing in companies that have successfully . To date, we’ve invested in 4 companies out of YC, with the most recent investment (Ourmenu) coming form the W18 cohort.

  • Wakie – Connect to anyone in the world to answer your questions
  • Eventgeek – Event management platform
  • Ourmenu – Transforming consumer-restaurant interactions (ordering & billing)
  • Collectly – Streamline patient billing & collections

If you have a company and are interested in applying for an upcoming cohort, please contact us here or at [email protected] and we will help you in any way we can!

Keep in mind that one of the best ways to get into YC is via referral, so connections matter.

Fundraising for YC Companies

Here are some tips from YC on how to fundraise after finishing the 3-month stint. As you can see in the next section of the newsletter, there are many successful companies that have raised follow-on fundraising after YC. They key is to capitalize on your growth while in YC and the network you’ve established. 

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