StayTuned Digital is a new startup trying to help video creators and publishers push their content to multiple platforms.

We’re thrilled to announce a new seed investment in StayTuned, a smart video platform that allows content creators the ability to distribute, edit, and analyze their videos across all channels. Founder & CEO Serge Kassardjian, formerly Global Head of Media Apps at Google Play, launched the company to provide a single access point for content creators to navigate the rapidly growing and ever-changing video landscape. Huge congratulations to the StayTuned team, who recently closed a $2.5M seed round from top venture capital firms (pending announcement) to pursue their dream of empowering content creators.
StayTuned addresses a fundamental dilemma faced by video producers: keeping up with all the video platforms and devices is critical, but at the same time extremely expensive and oftentimes inefficient. Companies have to balance the right social and streaming presence, with little understanding of the impact level of each platform. Outside of a few shining proprietary examples (e.g. Netflix, Buzzfeed), rarely are creators able to maximize impact through tools like adaptive UI and data-driven creative decisions. And even if you initially crack the channel code, effective distribution is costly and challenging to maintain. With fragmented audiences across different screens, apps, and sites, creators are left to figure out how to build integrations with each new tech platform. As devices further advance (think voice integrations and beyond), video content must also keep up to stay effective. By providing the latest application integrations and video tools on demand, StayTuned enables digital-minded companies to focus on what they excel at: creating compelling content. Similar to how Stripe, Mailchimp, or Shopify provide a single point of access to a fragmented business segment, StayTuned provides a single API to manage all video content. Through the platform, content creators can access core features for distribution as well as a complete directory of third parties that video developers need for editing, storage, app templates, localization, etc. As the video market develops, so will StayTuned, providing the right video developer tools for content distribution.

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