Speakers and panelists of HIVE summit had curated 1:1 sessions with founders in Armenia and share advice on most common issues.

Throughout the weekend, our speakers & panelists had a chance to offer tons of advice, knowledge, and experience to both conference attendees and to startup founders who had a chance to ask pointed & direct questions during curated 1:1 sessions.
We wanted to share some “words of wisdom” with everyone in the HIVE community by highlighting some of the key takeaways, quotes, and talking points that could help anyone in the startup ecosystem:
  • “Find investors that want to support you. Think of them as co-founders you wish you had.” – Razmig Hovaghimian, Co-founder at Hoodline
  • “Nothing’s a done deal until you have a signature” – Razmig Hovaghimian, Co-founder at Hoodline
  • “There are effective ways and ineffective ways to ask for advice. Be clear on your ask and how you want to get it.” – Geoff Ralston, Partner at YC
  • “Focus is the most important thing for a young entrepreneur. Find the ability to distill down what is the number one priority and focus on that.” – TJ Nahigian, GP at Base10 VC
  • “Stick around long enough for the right opportunity to come along – and when it does, fight relentlessly to become successful.” – Ara Mahdessian, Co-founder at ServiceTitan
  • “Customer success always comes first. It needs to permeate organically through the organization.” – Vahe Kuzoyan, Co-founder at ServiceTitan

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